High-tech, cutting-edge, highly mobile shelter systems for temporary & permanent applications

Global Shelters

Industry-leading shelters built to last by WeatherPort Shelter Systems

Engineered to handle the toughest climates

WeatherPort Shelter Systems’ tension fabric structures are engineered to withstand the toughest climates in the world.

Custom made for any application

Every shelter we provide is custom built for your application.

Easily shipped to your location

WeatherPort Shelter Systems break down to a very compact package with slip-fit components and minimal nuts and bolts thus making them easy to ship around the world.

Global Shelters has helped humans thrive around the world for decades.

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Whether you’re looking for car/boat/RV storage, home greenhouse shelter, pool enclosure, extra storage, or more, we have what you need.


From private events to pop-up restaurants, see how we can get you covered.


High-caliber shelters provide the protection you need for any and all weather and environments.


We’ve worked with government organizations and entities for over 20 years supplying durable, long-lasting structures that are built to protect.

The Perfect Solution for Your Temporary Needs

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