Allowing Humans to Thrive


Our Vision

A solution for every need.

Our vision at Global Shelters is to provide a shelter solution of the highest quality for the personal, commercial, or industrial need of each client; and to serve each client with genuine care, professional expertise, and comprehensive support.

Our Mission

Time-tested shelters for all conditions

Global Shelters brings our vision to life by providing versatile and proven tension membrane shelter systems, for local, national, and international clients. These rugged shelters are manufactured in the mountains of Colorado by WeatherPort Shelter Systems, and are engineered to stand the test of time.

Shelters for all humans, for all needs.

We provide a custom solution for each client, and through step-by-step consultation and prompt communication, fulfill each contract with excellence. We remain dedicated to our clients long after contract fulfillment, and are always available for consultation and support.

Strong and Reliable

WeatherPort Shelter Systems use high quality materials, including high tension vinyl, robust steel and aluminum slip-fit framing components, requires minimal tools, fully weatherproof, insulation packages, small transportation size.

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